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5 Benefits of Video Walls for Your Business

Here’s an idea worth considering. Many businesses are now discovering the myriad uses of digital display technologies. Thanks to the progress of manufacturers, tools that were once the realm of corporations have now been made available to the masses such as video walls. . . If you’ve been considering jumping into the video wall arena, […]

Enter the World of Sensory Rooms

Senses are something that are core to our experience of the world as living beings. It’s been recognised that stimulating the senses of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and touching can make all the difference for those with special needs or learning difficulties. Here at Sensory Audio Visual we provide the service of building sensory rooms […]

How About An In Home Multi-Room Music System for the Family?

Many households use multi room music systems. Modern technology has come a long way and it’s now possible to enjoy a wide range of different music playing in different rooms or zones of your home. . . Imagine it. No more family squabbles when teenagers are forced to listen to music that they cannot bear. […]

Boost Customer Experience With Background Music (BGM)

When it comes to retail, it’s no secret that people spend longer in environments that they find appealing. Fashioning the physical environment for the most pleasing of customer experiences is something that all businesses need to try to do. One of the key elements of physical environments is sound and using the right background music […]

Should Your Business Use Video Conference Equipment To Save Travel Costs?

Using video conference equipment can save businesses thousands of pounds in travel costs each year. This equipment can enable businesses to hold meetings between co-workers or with clients who are located anywhere in the world providing a cost effective alternative to physical business meetings. . . In order to give clarity on what’s now available […]