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If it’s high performance professional audio you’re after, you’ve come to exactly the right place. Here at Sensory Audio Visual Systems, we specialise in helping you provide an entertaining and enjoyable atmosphere that will encourage your customers to stay longer and return sooner, no matter what your area of business.

Our audio-visual installations cover business, education, entertainment, hospitality and commerce. We know how important it is that you – no matter what your business – create the perfect ambiance, because we know that when a person is comfortable in their surroundings, they’re much more open to whatever it is that you’re selling.

One of the many areas in which we absolutely excel is in creating the perfect musical environment for bars. Whether your customers want to relax and chat, wine and dine or drink heavily and dance like crazy people, our professional audio solutions can ensure that they are perfectly catered for.

Our systems come equipped with multi-zone control and playback features that are incredibly intuitive and totally user-friendly, enabling pre-programmed music to be fed simultaneously to multiple sites.

Whatever your individual atmosphere requirements and whatever kind of bar you own, Sensory Audio Visual Systems has a bespoke design service that guarantees we provide exactly the right audio solution for your circumstances and for your budget. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, we’ll come to see you for an initial chat, where we’ll discuss your specific requirements and figure out a solution that is right for you.

Why plump for Sensory Audio Visual Systems?

The main reason you should choose Sensory Audio Visual Systems is because we do a great job at a fair price and we know you’ll be happy with the results. Just check out our Testimonials page and you’ll see what other clients think of our work. (Just in case you don’t click the link, here’s a little taste: ‘impeccable’, ‘excellent’, ‘exceptional’, ‘speedy and efficient’ and ‘first class’.)

When it comes to bars, we are incredibly versatile and equally comfortable in a village pub like The Plough in Shenstone or a big-city bar and restaurant chain like Nosh & Quaff.

For The Plough, we designed and supplied a cutting edge music system that covers several separately zoned areas and utilises a remotely managed media player and music library, with music carefully selected by our experts to suit the needs of the venue. And like all of our systems, this one is incredibly easy to use, with a completely intuitive 8-button keypad giving total control. Piece of cake.

For Nosh & Quaff, we designed and installed a system that provides ambience and sense of style in four separate music zones: a ground floor restaurant, a private dining room, a first floor bar with facilities for live entertainment and a basement hall and toilets. Music in each zone is independently controlled thanks to conveniently positioned wall mounted volume and source controls. In total, the system delivers approximately 10,000 watts of music power.

Although these two venues required vastly different solutions, we were able to ensure that both systems were of the highest standard in terms of audio, aesthetics and ease of use. They were also perfectly appropriate to their individual surroundings, and easy to maintain.

So for absolute peace of mind at a price that won’t bankrupt you, give us a call today and we can get to work on creating an atmosphere that will excite your customers and drive your business forward.