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Audio Visual Systems for Churches by Sensory Audio Visual Systems

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is one of the country’s leading specialists in the creation, installation and maintenance of audio visual systems. We know how to create the perfect atmosphere for your working environment, whatever your particular working environment happens to be. Whether you’re in entertainment, education, hospitality, industry or even a place of worship, we can install in your premises the highest performance professional audio visual systems – everything from digital signage to the lighting for giant concerts or festivals – and we can ensure that your clients will be overjoyed with the results.

Designing and installing church audio video systems
At Sensory Audio Visual Systems, we have a great deal of experience in providing high quality audio visual equipment for churches and other places of worship. This means that we understand how to deliver and install systems that are discreet and subtle, and we do so in a suitably respectful and gracious manner. We know that church AV systems need to blend seamlessly and beautifully with the prevailing architectural style of the building. We also know that the modern church needs to be technologically savvy enough to use music and video when needed, but that all the equipment needs to be cleverly concealed.

Our expert team of church audio visual engineers are committed to providing the best and most respectful service possible. We also have experience installing AV equipment in listed buildings as well as new builds, and we can absolutely guarantee the right level of care and knowledge that such important and respected buildings deserve.

We pride ourselves on the user-friendly simplicity of our systems. You don’t have to be in the least bit technologically proficient to be able to use them and we’ll also make sure that we give full training so that everybody knows how they operate.

What are some of the AV system features particular to churches?
Here’s a quick list of some of the AV services we provide to churches and other places of worship:

* Complete audio visual system project management, from the first onsite consultation right through to completion
* Appropriately respectful service for grade listed buildings
* Both digital and analogue audio systems, suitable for everything from simple speech to PA systems for full orchestra worship
* AV systems for projectors – from single to multi-screen set-ups
* Wholly discreet AV system installation
* Specialist systems for the hard of hearing, making church services much more inclusive and accessible
* Wi-Fi data, internet and CCTV security systems – making sure your place of worship is as safe as it is in step with the latest AV and web technology
* Digital signage and touch screen solutions, enabling you to communicate your message in a multitude of different ways
* Full working in-church demonstrations of our AV systems
* Plus of course, full training and after-care

If you’d like to know more about how Sensory Audio Visual Solutions can help your church or place of worship better meet the needs of your congregation and more clearly get your message across to them, contact us today.