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Sensory Audio Visual Systems – Church Services

As well as offering high performance, highly professional, bespoke AV systems for the following types of venue:

* busy bars

* lively restaurants

* multi-room nightclubs

* international video conference facilities

* huge thousand-seat auditoria

* super-modern multimedia gyms

…Sensory Audio Visual Systems also specialise in churches and other places of worship, proving we’re nothing if not versatile.

Specialists that you can trust

We specialise in the design, build, installation and maintenance of audio visual systems for churches, as well as lighting systems for all different kinds of places of worship. We approach each job from the point of view that it is a unique venue with a wholly unique personality, and we create a bespoke solution to meet the specific requirements of every situation. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the technology for any request you might have and we are dedicated to meeting your needs in terms of quality and affordability.

We will work closely with you on all aspects of the installation, depending on how much input you would like to have in the process, but in all cases, no matter how much of a part you wish to play, we begin by arranging a time to meet with you to discuss your requirements and your ultimate goals. After that, we work towards achieving your vision and we make sure that we keep you updated every step of the way, from the initial blueprints and budgeting to the design, installation, training and after-care support.

Worship in the modern age

Churches have changed a lot in recent years and like any other venue, they have been transformed by technology.

Aside from church projectors, video presentation systems, church PA systems and live streaming and broadcast facilities, we also provide the following AV services to churches and other different places of worship:

* Both digital and analogue audio systems that can cater for simple speech just as easily as full orchestras

* A suitably respectful service for listed buildings

* AV system installation that is totally discreet and appropriate to a place where religion is practised

* Special systems for those that are hard of hearing, ultimately making religious services more accessible to all

* Wi-Fi data and CCTV systems, ensuring that your place of worship is secure

* Digital signage and touch screens, meaning you can reach your audience in a variety of different ways

* Fully functional in-church demonstrations of all our AV systems

* Plus full training and after-care support

If you’d like more information on how Sensory Audio Visual Solutions could help your place of worship more fully meet the audio-visual needs of your congregation, please give us a call today.