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School Sound Systems

Times have changed from when many of us were at school and the entire sound system consisted of a Tannoy for general announcements and a microphone when there was a special guest at assembly. Nowadays there is more technology on display – or more likely hidden away – in your average classroom than there would have been in the whole school a couple of generations ago.

At Sensory Audio Visual Systems, we make it our business to keep abreast of the times, providing only the most up-to-date and high performance professional AV equipment available. We cater for all types of companies, making sure to offer perfect audio visual installations for all kinds of different business environments, including commerce, entertainment and hospitality. We also specialise in the design and creation of sound systems for schools, colleges, universities and academies.

We know how important it is in education to reach as many people as possible, and we know how having the right sound and light and audio visual system plays a huge part in this, making it easier to reach a wider audience and to hold pupils’ and students’ attention.

Therefore, we install hi-tech but decidedly user-friendly school sound systems that will take your breath away but not break the school budget.

So what equipment is included in a sound system?

Long gone in most modern classrooms are blackboards and overhead projectors. Today, only the most modern audio visual equipment will provide for all the needs of your average British school. For the modern assembly hall, staging assemblies is only a small part of what they need to do. They also need to be ready to stage meetings, presentations and full-scale pro-level theatrical spectaculars. This means school halls have to have fully integrated with 100% reliable sound and vision systems installed and ready to use. These systems also have to be simple enough for even the least tech savvy teacher to figure out. Thankfully, Sensory systems are as intuitive as they come.

School assembly halls sound systems will typically include:

* interactive video tables

* public address systems

* powerful audio equipment

* audio mixing desks

* lighting control consoles

The latter will operate the LED stage lights, which can very easily be programmed to run even the most complex-seeming and hugely impressive light shows in conjunction with the audio. The main control console and the amplification equipment is separately housed in a trolley that takes up minimum storage space when not in use, and can then be wheeled out for special occasions.

Why might a school need a sound system?

Thirty years ago the use of audio visual equipment in school was a rare treat. Now that technology is so widespread and such an integral part of how we communicate, it is a daily occurrence. Using AV equipment keeps lessons exciting, enabling teachers to make use of all manner of different media, including everything that’s available on the internet. Making sure that your school’s sound system is reliable and smooth-running enables you to get the best out of the media you choose for your lesson.

As well as standard assemblies and lessons, you’ll also want to screen films during extra-curricular activities such as Film Club and the many theatrical events that all schools now wish to stage.

From initial conversation to bespoke design of the perfect sound system to meet your school’s needs, including full installation, training and aftercare, give us a call at Sensory Audio Visual Systems today.