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No matter how old you are or how young you pretend to be, if you left school more than ten years ago, you can bet your life that things in the classroom have already changed more than you could ever imagine. The speed with which technology is moving these days makes it practically impossible to keep up with all the changes. This is as true with audio-visual systems as it is with cars that drive themselves and phones that bring you breakfast in bed.*

For high performance professional audio visual equipment that is absolutely the most up-to-date available, you need Sensory Audio Visual Systems.

As well as audio visual installations that are perfect for business, entertainment, commerce and hospitality, we also design and create systems that are ideal for schools and other educational environments. Whether for primary or secondary schools, colleges, academies or universities, we are dedicated to providing effective, simple to use and frankly spectacular sound, lighting and audio visual solutions.

Sensory Audio Visual Systems make learning a genuine joy…

The days of blackboards and overhead projectors are long gone. Nowadays a modern school needs the very latest in audio visual technology in all of its classrooms and of course in the main assembly hall.

Today’s school halls need to be equipped to provide not only morning assemblies, but also presentations, meetings and full-scale professional-level theatrical events. This means they need fully integrated and totally reliable sound, vision and lighting systems. They also need to be simple enough for a child to use – although let’s face it, children these days tend to be a lot more tech-savvy than a great many adults. Luckily our systems are also intuitive enough for even the most technophobic adults.

For assembly halls, we can provide high brightness projectors, enormous electric projection screens and super-powerful audio systems. We can ensure that the main control and amplification equipment is housed in a mobile trolley and kept out of harm’s way until it is required for a special event. We also install audio mixing desks and lighting control consoles which operate the audio and LED stage lights, and can be easily programmed to run incredibly impressive lighting shows.

We also provide systems that ensure effective communication in every classroom, including a comprehensive range of interactive displays (which can be wall-mounted, portable or totally hidden when not in use, to suit your requirements), LCD projectors, video cameras, interactive video tables, projectors and so on.

We also rise to the challenge of school-wide communication, providing public address systems or, where required, digital signage, enabling educators to communicate announcements to pupils or students visually.

For all of these options, we provide a full service, from the initial conversation to figure out exactly what it is that you need, to the design and creation of the perfect system to meet those needs, to installation, training and aftercare.

So whatever kind of AV system your school or college requires, Sensory Audio Visual Systems can ensure your students have the best and most up-to-date equipment available at a price that won’t break the bank. Give us a call today and we can arrange an onsite visit to work out exactly what you need.

*Apparently, phones are not actually capable of bringing you breakfast. YET.