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Interactive Whiteboard Installation

At Sensory Audio Visual Systems, we specialise in designing, creating and installing the most innovative, cutting edge audio visual systems for retail, leisure, education, entertainment and commerce. As well as commercial and educational audio equipment, we also provide interactive whiteboards, which are now commonplace technology in many schools across the UK, as well as conference rooms and any other environment where communication and collaboration are of equal importance.

What are interactive whiteboards?

Interactive whiteboards allow for computer images to be digitally projected onto a board. These digital elements can then be manipulated on the screen by the instructor, using his finger as a mouse. Images can be grabbed and dragged, opened and closed, clicked, copied and pasted, all with a flick of the fingers or stylus. The instructor can also write notes by hand that can then be converted into digital text and saved. If you’ve ever seen Minority Report, you’ll have some idea of the kind of things we’re talking about.

Interactive whiteboards are an incredibly powerful tool that add so much to lessons and training sessions, lectures and presentations, boosting audience collaboration and allowing for limitless integration of a rich variety of different media. The range of possibilities created by this extraordinary piece of equipment is really only limited by the instructor’s imagination.

Similarly, the advantages of using this kind of communicative tool are pretty much infinite. It is:

* the ultimate pedagogical tool

* a cost-effective way of providing IT for an entire classroom

* great for use in sport studies, enabling frame-by-frame analysis of video recording

* great for tactile learners, visual learners and audio learners

* great for medical studies

* great for business analysis



Our whiteboards bring push-button interactivity to your conference or classroom, combining total simplicity of design and function with the absolute most up-to-date interactive technology. With touch-control features and multiple touch and gesture capabilities, these whiteboards are totally intuitive and quickly become second nature for even the most technophobic user. With a large working surface, these boards offer lots of additional space that contributes hugely to a comfortable group working environment.

The software suite that comes with the interactive whiteboard is also super-intuitive. The whiteboard is fully customisable, easy to master and comes with a rich array of features. These include:

* choice of finger- or stylus-operation

* large interactive workspace, from 79- to 89-inch

* possibility of simultaneous twin inputs for ease of collaboration

* intuitive multiple touch features

* 15 short-cut buttons for most frequently used tools

* lightweight durable board

If you’re interested in learning more about how an interactive whiteboard could transform the way you communicate at work or school, give us a call today to discuss your options. Remember also that we have a team of experts who can install your whiteboard for you, helping you get set up and ready to start in a matter of hours.